TEDx Youth: For Students and Everyone Else – What Path Are You Paving For Yourself?

Here’s a TEDx Youth Talk for students that I think everyone should watch.


There are some great questions in this video for young people who are contemplating their post-secondary path…AND some good questions for the rest of us to ponder as well!

  • How well do you know yourself (your Personal Capital)?
  • What do you know (your Intellectual/Skill Capital)?
  • Who do you know and who knows you (your Social Capital)?
  • Who knows that you know what you know (how well do you “brand yourself” and communicate your “value proposition” to society, which leads to Financial Capital)?
  • What road are you paving for yourself?

Some quotes from this video:

“Your (college/university) MAJOR might not matter; get a MASTERS in SELF.” – know yourself!

Your degree is…”an INVESTMENT in your dream, not a GUARANTEE of a job.”

If you need help with figuring out your dream or your value proposition to society, or know someone else who needs help in these areas, this is what I do as a Career & Leadership Coach. I’d be happy to help!

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