…3…2…1…Launching Your Dreams

Rocket Launch

I’m pleased to officially launch Cardinal Career Management Services! So the journey begins!…

Every great company, every great product, every great conquest starts with an idea. Before the first steps are taken, the concept is born. The idea then takes shape, is analyzed, is reshaped, analyzed again and eventually a plan is formed.

Many of us have great ideas, thoughts and dreams floating around in our heads, but when they are stalled in the ideas stage or the planning stage, we don’t even get off the launch pad. It is only when we EXECUTE the plan that our dreams take flight.

What stalls our ideas and dreams? Why do we tend to think and plan and dream, and then stop short of pursuing what we want? My wife has put a saying on the side of our pantry: “DOUBT kills more dreams than failure ever will”. Many of my clients have had great ideas, but also have had a difficult time getting past the doubt to pursue their dreams. I have stood in those shoes myself many times, so I understand the crippling power of doubt and fear.

Cardinal Career Management Services started with ideas…and doubts…and fears. What has helped me through the doubt and fear has been the support and encouragement of those who aren’t as affected by my fear as I am – objective, third-party, knowledgable individuals who I know have my best interests in mind. My wife, foremost, has been an incredible support through all my scary decisions. I’ve had a great professional support group through Career Professionals of Canada, which has provided seasoned, sound advice that I know I can trust. Without their support and encouragement, I know that I would still be sitting on the launching pad…if I would have even got that far.

1. What are your dreams and ideas for moving forward with your career? What ideas are floating around in your head? They may be good ideas or maybe not-so-good ideas, but what are they? Get them down on paper or record them somewhere.

2. Who is your support network? Your support network can provide some good objective perspective regarding the feasibility of your ideas. They likely can help come up with additional ideas as well!

3. What is the plan? If your idea survives your support group, then what? You don’t have to chart out the whole course, but at least know what the next steps are.

4. What are you going to DO about it? A theme that you will see throughout my blogs, my website and my coaching practice is, “From ideas to action”. That’s the scary part – taking the risk to hit the launch button – but it’s also the exhilerating part too. By stepping out with proper planning, due diligence and support, you will discover that you are capable of much more than you feared! You will grow both personally and professionally!

So I encourage you to think about your ideas and dreams, seek support, create a plan…and ACT!

If you need help implementing your career plans or executing a job search, give me a call. I can give you a quick assessment of how I can help. I’d be happy to be part of your support system!


I will be frequently sharing articles, insights and motivational blogs relating to careers and leadership through the Cardinal website, social media and a periodic newsletter. I invite you to connect with me using the social media “Follow” and/or “Share” buttons at the bottom of each page and sign up for my newsletter using the widget on the left side of each web page.

If you know of anyone who is going through a challenging time in their career, please consider letting them know about Cardinal. I would be pleased to help!


As a launch special, receive two extra bonus sessions when you sign up during the months of September and October. If you’ve been thinking about engaging a Career Coach, this would be a great time to reach out and inquire how I might be able to help you in your career journey.

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