Career Target

FindYourCareer_trans_xsHow do you find a career that is a good match for your goals, talents, passions and working style?

Here is an outline of the basic steps:

  1. Record your needs, goals, talents, passions and work style – I like to call it a “personal inventory”.
  2. Generate career alternatives that match your personal inventory.
  3. Research the most promising alternatives.
  4. Narrow down the options to a career target using your personal inventory as your filter.

Simple, right? Finding your career target isn’t complex, but it’s not necessarily easy. It’s a matter of having the right resources and a systematic method of persisting through to the final goal. Many people have trouble knowing where to start or, as the busyness of life takes over, in maintaining the momentum to come to a confident conclusion.

That’s where a Career Coach comes in. A coach provides resources, a methodology, insight, experience, motivation and follow-up to help you identify a career goal that you can feel confident in pursuing. You can certainly do it on your own, but Cardinal is here to help if you need it.

 The Career Target Program is customized to your needs.

□     Personal Inventory (Skills, Talents, Passions)

□     Career Idea Generation

□     Career Information Research

□     Networking & Informational Interviews

□     Ongoing Networking Support

□     Identifying Career Target(s)

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